Thoughts on the Healthcare Roadmap


Today we begin a new series of blog posts and video clips titled “Thoughts on the Healthcare Roadmap.”  Check out our introductory video here.


Because our clients, prospects and friends have asked for it.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve spent an increasing amount of time working with clients, prospects and friends exploring the evolution (possibly revolution) of healthcare and healthcare technology.  I’ve participated in focus group studies, online surveys, and management strategy sessions.  I’ve met with physical health providers, behavioral health providers, social service (employment, criminal justice, education) providers and payers as well as patients and their families.  As a company, we have delivered new and exciting technologies that have been shown to improve health outcomes while also improving operating efficiency and financial performance.  And I’ve attended regional and national conferences and exhibited or presented at some.  It has been wonderful and enlightening.

One thing is clear:  There is so much going on in healthcare reform that it is very difficult for each of us to keep track of it all.  It is hard to know all the pieces in this complex and evolving landscape let alone develop and execute a strategy for the long term.  Given our focus on patient engagement and community care collaboration, and our involvement with industry leaders, we’ve had a tremendous opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the healthcare market.

Recently I’ve had meetings with executives of departments of health at local and state levels as well as healthcare providers in both physical health and behavioral health as well as with payers and even academics including medical school staff.  It used to be that people asked us for a copy of the slide deck or a white paper.  Recently, sometimes after reading the white paper or PowerPoint deck, folks have been asking if I have a video of the presentation.

There are a number of problems with creating videos including my own lack of experience in this medium.  Then there is the challenge of aligning the content with the interests of each potential viewer, while at the same time not making it insanely long.  Some people want a very high level focus while others want a deeper dive into a specific topic.

To get around this, over the next few weeks we will publish a series of video clips and supporting blog posts that will address a wide range of topics along the healthcare roadmap while at the same time allowing each person to scan the list of topics and select which are of interest.

We will publish these in chapters with episodes within chapters.  At this moment (and it may change over time) the five chapters are:

  • The Big Divide. A high level look at the healthcare roadmap, looking back at the past ten years, where we are today, and were we could be in 10 years.  We will consider the huge gap between healthcare leaders and those who are laggards, as we look ahead.
  • Show me the money! A discussion of the evolving payment models, with a focus on the shift from fee for service to value based contracting.  We’ll discuss alternative payment models under both the Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 and the Excellence in Mental Health Act of 2014.  We’ll also look at some of the innovative CMS demonstration projects as well as private payer models.
  • Who’s on first? We’ll discuss the necessary convergence of physical health, behavioral health and social services, to consider both the potential to improve outcomes and various technologies and models for success.
  • The virtual self. We’ll talk about the convergence of healthcare technologies across the spectrum, and how healthcare technology might finally be starting to catch up with the rest of our online lives.
  • What’s in it for me? Think of this as the discussion of next steps, opportunities that could improve both near term and long term sustainability.

Also with this post we’ll begin our table of contents by posting two videos:


Chapter 1 The Big Divide

Episode 1.  How did we get here?

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